Executive Officers

President: Kenichiro Sasae

Director General: Tomiko Ichikawa

Secretary General: Akemi Suto

Director of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology: Hirofumi Tosaki

Policy Director of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology: Akemi Suto

Director of Research Coordination: Koichiro Matsumoto

Senior Research Adviser

Seiichiro Takagi
[Expertise] International Politics, Chinese studies, International Relations of Asian Pacific region

Special Research Fellow

Director, Japan Information Center: Masao Kochi

Senior Fellows

Chushiro Yonezawa (Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology)
[Expertise] CTBT (Radionuclide data analysis)

Toyomi Sakamoto (Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology)
[Expertise] CTBT (Seismological data)

Tetsuo Kotani
[Expertise] Japan-US Alliance, Maritime Security


Shohei Akagawa
[Expertise] British Imperial History, British policy in the Middle East, Muslims and Converts of the British Empire

Koji Enomoto
[Expertise] Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Naoko Funatsu
[Expertise] American Politics and Foreign Relations

Hironori Fushita
[Expertise] Political and economic issues in Russia

LI Hao
[Expertise] Comparative Politics, Contemporary Chinese Politics, International Relations in East Asia

Yumi Iijima
[Expertise] China's Environmental Diplomacy and Environmental Policy

Tomoki Iimura
[Expertise] Political and Economic Issues in Korean Peninsula

Kazumi Kitagawa (Public Communications Officer)

Kyoko Kuwahara
[Expertise] Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, Disinformation

Shigeru Osugi (Research Fellow of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology)
[Expertise] CTBT (On-site inspections)

Chihiro Shikata
[Expertise] Public Diplomacy

Kotaro Shiojiri (Research Fellow of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology)
[Expertise] International Economic Law, International Politics, Economic Security, Security Export Control

Asako Takashima
[Expertise] EU, German Politics, Japanese Politics, Security Policy

Yoshiaki Takayama (Research Fellow of the Center for Disarmament, Science and Technology)
[Expertise] International Politics, Economic Security, Security Export Control

Michihiro Tajima
[Expertise] Civil-Military Relations (especially in Russia and Post-Soviet states), Security and International law in new domains (space, cyberspace, etc.)

Kazushi Tani
[Expertise] British Diplomacy, International History

Kensuke Yanagida
[Expertise] International Economy, Development Issues, APEC

Yuichi Yoshida
[Expertise] Indo-Pacific Region, Risks in New Domains (space, cyberspace, etc.), International Security (Military and Energy Affair)

Fumi Yoshimoto
[Expertise] EU Law, Common Foreign and Security Policy

Senior Adjunct Fellows

Yuichi Hosoya (Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University)
[Expertise] Diplomatic History, British Diplomatic History

Tsutomu Kikuchi (Professor Emeritus, Aoyama Gakuin University)
[Expertise] International political economy of the Asia-Pacific, APEC, Japanese foreign policy

Fumiaki Kubo (President, National Defense Academy, Japan)
[Expertise] U.S. politics and foreign policy, Japan-U.S. relations, international relations

Naoya Okuwaki (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
[Expertise] International Law

Akio Takahara (Professor, University of Tokyo)
[Expertise] Current Chinese Politics and International Relations in East Asia

Akihiko Tanaka (President of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS))
[Expertise] International politics in Asia

Adjunct Fellows

Nobumasa Akiyama (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
[Expertise] Arms control, peace building and conflict prevention

Kiyoshi Araki (Former Ambassador of Japan to Republic of Turkey)

Masahiko Asada (Professor, Faculty of Law Department of Law, Doshisha University)
[Expertise] International Law

Hideaki Asahi (Former professor of international security, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo / Former ambassador to East Timor)

Ken Endo (Professor, University of Tokyo)
[Expertise] The European Union, Security, International Politics

Kazuko Hikawa (Professor, Osaka Jogakuin University)
[Expertise] Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation

Yoko Hirose (Professor, Faculty of Policy Management Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
[Expertise] Former USSR, International politics, Russia, Frozen conflict, unrecognized states, Hybrid Warfare

Takahiro Ikawa (Director, Fujitsu Future Studies Center)

Juichi Inada (Professor, School of Economics, Senshu University / Visiting Scholar, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University( -Mar. 2024)
[Expertise] Political Economy of International Development, ODA Evaluation

Masafumi Ishii (Former Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia, Former Permanent Representative of Japan to the NATO)

Kazuhide Ishikawa (Former Ambassador of Japan to Republic of the Philippines)

Takehiro Kagawa (Chairperson, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, Former Ambassador to Egypt, Former TPP chief negotiator)
[Expertise]Nuclear Disarmament Nonproliferation, Middle East, Trade Negotiation

Matake Kamiya (Professor, National Defense Academy)
[Expertise]Security, Japan-US Alliance

Nobukatsu Kanehara (Former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary)

Saori N. Katada (Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California)
[Expertise] International Political Economy, Japanese Foreign Economic Policy

Kenichi Kawasaki (Professor, GRIPS Alliance, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS))
[Expertise] Macroeconomic Policy, Business Cycles, Economic Outlook

Hideya Kurata (Professor, National Defense Academy)
[Expertise] North and South Korean politics and foreign relations, international security

Mitsuru Kurosawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka University)
[Expertise] Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

Sumio Kusaka (Former Ambassador of Japan to Australia)

Chisako T. Masuo (Professor, The Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University)
[Expertise] Chinese Politics, Diplomacy, and Maritime Policy

Toru Nakakita (Professor, Toyo University)

Shotaro Oshima
[Expertise] Japan-U.S. Diplomatic History; Multilateral Trade/Investment Issues

Heigo Sato
(Professor, Takushoku University)
[Expertise] International Relations, Security Studies, Export Control, Arms Control and Disarmament

Kazuto Suzuki
(Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo)
[Expertise] International Political Economy, Science and Technology Policy, Space Policy, Security Trade Control (Export Control), Economic and Targeted Sanctions, Economic Statecraft, Nuclear Safety, European Integration, Middle East Studies

Yoichi Suzuki (Former Ambassador of Japan to French Republic)

Adm. Tomohisa Takei (Former Chief of Staff, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)
[Expertise] Maritime Security

Shigenobu Tamura
[Expertise] Foreign Relaitions, Security

Motohiro Tsuchiya (Vice-President, Keio University, and Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance)
[Expertise] International Relations, Cybersecurity

Toshiya Tsugami (Representative, Tsugami Workshop)
[Expertise] Chinese Economy

Kunio Umeda (Former Ambassador of Japan to Brazil, Former Ambassador of Japan to Vietnam, and Vice Chairman, National Association for Global & Open Minded Communities (NAGOMi))

Masaru Watanabe (Former Ambassador of Japan to Cuba)

Katsuyuki Yakushiji (Professor, Toyo University)

Senior Fellows (non-resident/resident)

Monika Chansoria (India)

Jonathan Berkshire Miller (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada; Council on International Policy, Canada )

Valerie Niquet (Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique, France)

Thomas S. Wilkins (University of Sydney, Australia)

Visiting Fellows


Mr. Randolf Carr(Germany)
Senior Policy Advisor, Munich Security Conference (MSC)
[Research Topic]
"Lessons from the implementation of Japan's economic security strategy"


Mr. Daniel Mandell(U.S.A)
Former Legal Counsel, Office of the President, Koror, Palau
[Research Topic]
"How can the United States, Japan, Australia, and their like-minded partners best work together in order to effectively and efficiently provide development assistance and aid to the Pacific Island Countries?"


Dr. Stephen Nagy (Canada)
Senior Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, International Christian University, Tokyo
(Sep 10, 2018 - Mar 31, 2024)

More Visiting Fellows