Event Report

E-roundtable discussion with Dr. Dalia Kaye (The Rand Corporation)

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The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) held an E-roundtable on "US Policy in A Changing Middle East and a World in Transition" with Dr. Dalia Dassa Kaye, Adjunct Political Scientist, the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California/Senior Fellow at UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations. The event was moderated by Prof. Ryoji Tateyama, Emeritus Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan and the chief of the Middle East and Africa Research Group at JIIA. The presentation was followed by comments and questions by Dr. Ken Jimbo, Professor at Keio University, and Ms. Akiko Yoshioka, Senior Researcher, JIME Center, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ). Together with questions from other participants, lively discussions followed at this E-roundtable.