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No.264 Overcoming One of the Greatest Challenges in the Twenty Years Since the Japan-South Korea Joint Declaration Tetsuya Hakoda 21 December 2018
No.263 Advancing into a New Era for India-Japan Relations Shuji Uchikawa 17 December 2018
No.262 The Roles of Japan and ASEAN in Concluding RCEP Negotiations

Achieving an East Asian Mega-FTA in the Midst of Growing Protectionism
Kazushi Shimizu 29 August 2018
No.261 The US-led Trade War: Towards a Rule-based Solution Junji Nakagawa 19 July 2018
No.260 Japan-EU EPA Moving Towards Ratification: Its Significance and Prospects Soko Tanaka 11 July 2018
No.259 Premier Li Keqiang reveals China's true motive: "China-Japan relations have returned to a path of normality" Katsuji Nakazawa 29 June 2018
No.258 Higher US Tariffs on Steel/Aluminum Imports and Japan's Response Shujiro Urata 17 April 2018
No.257 The Economic Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Japan: Japanese Industry at a Crossroads Koichi Iwamoto 4 April 2018
No.256 Toward a more comprehensive approach to national defense in 2018 Eiichi Funada 27 March 2018
No.255 Fiscal Consolidation and Consumption Tax Hiroshi Yoshikawa 6 February 2018
No.254 Abe's Diplomacy at a Crucial Moment Akiko Iwata 2 February 2018
No.253 Can the "West" survive? Masayuki Tadokoro 8 December 2017
No.252 The Domestic and Foreign Policies of the Second Xi Administration Akio Takahara 22 November 2017
No.251 Japan Should Actively Push for a TPP11 Agreement Shujiro Urata 31 October 2017
No.250 Japan's Nuclear Disarmament Diplomacy Following the Adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) Hirofumi Tosaki 20 October 2017
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