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No.168 Japan: a Treasure Trove for Approaches to Dealing with the European Crisis Hajime Takata 19 December 2012
No.167 The Future of Japanese Domestic Politics and Japan's Path Ahead Katsuyuki Yakushiji 13 December 2012
No.166 No Conceivable Alternative to Democracy Masayuki Tadokoro 30 November 2012
No.165 Nuclear Energy is Indispensable for Japan's Future Yoshiyuki Kasai 13 November 2012
No.164 Japan Should Stand Farm on the Senkaku Islands Dispute Masashi Nishihara 6 November 2012
No.163 The Case for Long-Term Assistance for Egypt Takeji Ino 31 October 2012
No.162 Japanese Response to the 3rd Armitage-Nye Report Takashi Kawakami 9 October 2012
No.161 Will the Xi Jinping Leadership Change China? Satoshi Amako 5 October 2012
No.160 Japan Should Take Steps for Strategic Use of ODA Juichi Inada 2 October 2012
No.159 A Case for a Common Japan-ROK Strategic Vision Hiroyasu Akutsu 26 September 2012
No.158 A Closer Look at the "ASEAN Rift" on the South China Sea Susumu Yamakage 21 September 2012
No.157 Polarized America and Two Social Movements Toshihiro Nakayama 11 September 2012
No.156 A Case for Japan-US-Russia Trilateral Cooperation Hideki Asari 5 September 2012
No.159 A Case for a Common Japan-ROK Strategic Vision Hiroyasu Akutsu 2 September 2012
No.155 Japan Should Assist the Development of Water Security Regulations Mikiyasu Nakayama 10 July 2012
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