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No.279 The Impact of the US-China Confrontation on the World Toshiya Tsugami 28 October 2019
No.278 US-China Confrontation and Japan's Future Course Hiroyuki Akita 25 October 2019
No.277 The Japan-US Trade Agreement: The "First-Stage Initial Tariff Agreement"
Junichi Sugawara 24 October 2019
No.276 A System of Policies to Support the Free Flow of Data Fukunari Kimura 8 October 2019
No.275 Global Health Diplomacy to Promote Universal Health Coverage at the 2019 Osaka G20 Summit Yasushi Katsuma 27 September 2019
No.274 The Marine Plastic Litter Issue at the Osaka G20 Kazuo Matsushita 17 September 2019
No.273 Between Nonproliferation and Regional Arrangements:
Japan's Position in the Current Korean Impasse
Hideya Kurata 22 August 2019
No.272 China's Quest for a "High-quality Belt and Road Initiative" Asei Ito 18 July 2019
No.271 Will Japanese companies get back on the offensive? — The real issue for TICAD7 Katsumi Hirano 2 July 2019
No.270 Rules-based Global Economic Governance at Risk: Challenges of US Unilateralism and China's State Capitalism Masahiro Kawai 20 June 2019
No.269 The New US-China Cold War Structure from a Techno-geopolitical Perspective Atsushi Sunami 15 May 2019
No.268 On the upcoming Osaka G20 Summit Koji Tomita 10 May 2019
No.267 US Economic Policy under the Trump Administration:

An unmistakable direction transcending partisan differences
Akihiko Yasui 9 April 2019
No.266 A Historical Turning Point — Japan Changes Course toward Admitting Immigrants Toshihiro Menju 14 March 2019
No.265 The Soft-Law, Soft-Enforcement Approach is Key to Reinvigorating the WTO Yuka Fukunaga 4 March 2019
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