Event Report

Japan-EU Expert Meeting on Strategic Communication (ESIWA/JIIA)

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The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) held the Japan-EU Expert Meeting on Strategic Communication as part of a new partnership with the EU project "Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia" (ESIWA) aiming at deepening and broadening mutual understanding between Japan and the EU on areas of mutual interest for closer security cooperation.

At the meeting, experts from Japan and the EU discussed how Japan and the EU, sharing the values of open democratic societies, can cooperate with each other in addressing new security threats in areas of strategic communications.


<Japan> *alphabetical order Dr. Chiyuki AOI, Professor of international security at the Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo, Ms. Tomiko ICHIKAWA, Director General, JIIA Ms. Kyoko KUWAHARA, Research Fellow, JIIA Mr. Shogo YOSHITAKE, Director, European Policy Division, European Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Japan

<EU> *alphabetical order Mr. Ties DAMS, Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute Ms. Paula GORI, Secretary-General and Project Manager Leader, European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) Mr. Lutz GUELLNER, Head of Division for Strategic Communications and Information Analysis, European External Action Service Dr. Philip SHETLER-JONES, Thematic coordinator, ESIWA