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JIIA translates research articles from Japanese to English to promote high-quality Japanese scholarly works on international relations. All articles are open for personal use and research. For citation information, please refer to the description of each article.

The Latest Series : Japan's Territories Series (March 2018)

These articles were translated by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC) from Japanese into English as part of a research project sponsored by the Government of Japan to promote academic studies on Japan's territories. MURC takes full responsibility for the translation of these articles. To obtain permission to use these articles beyond the scope of your personal use and research, please contact MURC by e-mail ().

Citation: Japan's Territories Series, Japan Digital Library (March 2018), https://www.jiia.or.jp/en/digital_library/japan_s_territories.php

  1. Makomo Kuniyoshi, “Survey of Yaeyama by Antei Tashiro and Survey of Senkaku Islands by Okinawa Prefecture in 1885”
    Originally published as 「1885年田代安定の八重山調査と沖縄県の尖閣諸島調査」『地域研究』第10号、2012年、國吉まこも

  2. Satoshi Hirano, “Senkaku Islands were nothing more than “navigation markers” in pre-modern China”
    「尖閣関連史料から見る中国の矛盾(前篇)(後編)」『Wedge Infinity』2015年、平野聡

  3. Takashi Tsukamoto, “U.S. Department of State Documents regarding the Dispute over Territorial Sovereignty over Takeshima (Addendum) = Documents =”
    Originally published as 「竹島領有権紛争に関連する米国国務省文書(追補)」島根県竹島問題研究会『第1期最終報告書』、2007年3月、塚本孝

  4. Takashi Tsukamoto, “The Treaty of Peace with Japan and Takeshima (Revisited)”
    Originally published as 「平和条約と竹島(再論)」『レファレンス』第518号、1994年、塚本孝