Event Report

Considering the 21st century from the Perspective of 20th Century East Asian History

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The Japan Institute of International Affairs held a webinar "Considering the 21st century from the Perspective of 20th Century East Asian History" on July 18, 2021.

This webinar was based on the book 20th Century East Asia: A New History (University of Tokyo Press, 2020) published in September 2020.

Speakers focused not only on the book's contents but also on current issues, such as Hong Kong, and Myanmar.


Keynote speech:   Dr. Akihiko Tanaka (President of GRIPS/Senior Research Fellow, JIIA)
Session 1:   International History
Moderator:   Professor Yuichi Hosoya (Keio University/Senior Research Fellow, JIIA)
Speakers:   Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka (President of JICA)
    Professor Mie Oba (Kanagawa University)
    Professor Akio Takahara (University of Tokyo/Senior Research Fellow, JIIA)
Session 2:   North-East Asia
Moderator:   Professor Shin Kawashima (University of Tokyo)
Speakers:   Dr. Sumio Hatano (Director-General of JACAR)
    Professor Tadashi Kimiya (University of Tokyo)
    Professor Toru Kurata (Rikkyo University)
Session 3:   South-East Asia
Moderator:   Professor Ayame Suzuki (Doshisha University)
Speakers:   Professor Kei Nemoto (Sophia University)
    Dr. Nobuhiro Aizawa (Kyushu University)
    Dr. Yusuke Takagi (GRIPS)
    Professor Keiko Tamura (University of Kitakyushu)

Opening Remarks and Keynote Speech

1st Session

2nd Session

3rd Session