Policy Recommendations

The Senkakus: Actions to Keep The Situation Under Control

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Tensions have been rising between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands. In the light of historical facts and based on international law, it is clear that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of Japanese territory, and Japan exercises effective control over these islands. China's own assertion regarding the Senkaku Islands does not have valid grounds in international law.

Nevertheless, Japan believes that the issues regarding the Senkaku Islands should not intensify the rift between Japan and China. The Japanese government's Cabinet Decision on September 11 to purchase the Senkaku Islands is intended to keep peaceful and stable maintenance and control of the Senkaku Islands. The recent incidents of violence and looting directed against Japanese nationals and companies in China in the wake of this decision, however, are profoundly regrettable, and the Chinese government is reminded of its obligation as a law-abiding state to protect the physical safety and property of foreign nationals. The Chinese government itself should also refrain from dispatching government vessels to the sea areas surrounding the Senkaku Islands as this would unnecessarily heighten tensions.