Strategic Comments

Strategic Annual Report 2022
Chapter 5 "The Future of Japan's Diplomacy and Security and Recommendations"

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As the free, open and stable international order faces a changing balance of power and intensifying geopolitical competition, the Japanese government revised its National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy and the Defense Buildup Program in December 2022. The National Security Strategy sets out Japan's diplomacy to reinforce the free and open international order, with a focus on the Japan-US alliance and greater cooperation with like-minded countries such as Australia, as well as the drastic enhancement of defense capabilities.

Regarding the strengthening of defense capabilities, stipulating the need for counterattack capabilities and concrete measures to achieve them notably represents a major shift in Japan's postwar security policy. It was also decided to take necessary measures so that the combined budget level for the fundamental reinforcement of defense capabilities and complementary initiatives will reach 2% of the current GDP in FY2027. The inclusion of economic security is another new feature of this National Security Strategy, symbolizing the expansion of the scope of security from traditional areas to the economy and technology.

Based on the international situation described in Chapters 1 through 4 and the issuance of the National Security Strategy and the two other documents, recommendations are made for respective areas and regions.