Strategic Comments

Strategic Annual Report 2023
Chapter 2 "A World in Turmoil and the Future of Security"

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The US and European countries stepped up their military support for Ukraine, as Ukraine launched a counteroffensive. The tactical situation, however, became more of a stalemate, and diplomatic moves aimed at ending the war and focusing on reconstruction gained momentum. Finland's entry into NATO was realized and Sweden's membership became all but certain. Tensions on NATO's northeastern front increased following Russia's deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus and the relocation of the Russian private military company Wagner to Belarus. China continued to strengthen ties with Russia, calling for a ceasefire through dialogue and expressing a willingness to arbitrate between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Hamas-Israeli conflict that erupted in October undeniably put the war in Ukraine on the back burner, and the US Congress has been unable to debate the Biden administration's request for $61 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. If support for Ukraine from the US and other major Western powers is further delayed, the absence of a decisive move by either of the warring sides will inevitably prolong the conflict.