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Japan Digital Library / International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (China)

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International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (China) (March 2016)

These articles were translated by JIIA from Japanese into English as part of a research project to promote academic studies on the international circumstances in the Asia-Pacific. JIIA takes full responsibility for the translation of these articles*. To obtain permission to use these articles beyond the scope of your personal use and research, please contact JIIA by e-mail ().
*Except for Article No. 6; De Gruyter reserves its copyright to this article.

Citation: International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (China), Japan Digital Library (March 2016), https://www.jiia.or.jp/en/digital_library/china.php

  1. Kai Kajitani, "Land Market and Regional Government Rent Seeking Behavior"
    Originally published as 梶谷懐「第7章 土地市場と地方政府のレント獲得行動」『現代中国の財政金融システム』、財団法人名古屋大学出版会、2011年、167-188頁

  2. Takashi Suzuki, "The Political Possibilities of China's 'Party-State System'"
    Originally published as 鈴木隆「終章 中国の『党=国会体制』の政治的可能性」『中国共産党の支配と権力―党と新興の社会経済エリート』慶應義塾大学出版会、2012年、347-366頁

  3. Yasuhiro Matsuda, "China's UN Peacekeeping Operations Policy : Analysis of the Factors behind the Policy Shift toward Active Engagement"
    Originally published as 松田康博「第12章 中国の国連PKO政策―積極参与政策に転換した要因の分析」『現代中国外交の六十年』添谷芳秀編、慶應義塾大学出版会、2011年、283-305頁

  4. Hiroshi Ohta, "Global Governance and China  The Hu Jintao Era and Governance of International Public Goods"
    Originally published as太田宏「第6章 グローバル・ガバナンスと中国-胡錦濤時代と国際公共財のガバナンス-」『平成24年度研究報告書 政権交代期の中国:胡錦濤時代の総括と習近平時代の展望』 公益財団法人日本国際問題研究所、2013年、113-134頁

  5. Hideya Kurata, "Xi Jinping's "New Model of Major-Power Relations" and South Korea : The Park Geun-hye Administration's "Equilibrium Policy"
    Originally published as 倉田秀也「第3章 習近平『新型大国関係』と韓国―朴槿恵政権の『均衡論』」『平成26年度研究報告書 主要国の対中認識・政策の分析』 公益財団法人日本国際問題研究所、2014年、29-43頁

  6. Madoka Fukuda, "The Normalization of Sino-French Diplomatic Relations in 1964 and the Formation of the "One-China" Principle: Negotiations over Breaking French Diplomatic Relations with the Republic of China Government and the Recognition of the People's Republic of China as the Sole Legitimate Government"
    Originally published as 福田円「中仏国交正常化(1964年) と『一つの中国』原則の形成―仏華断交と『唯一の合法政府』をめぐる交渉」『国際政治』第163号、2011年1月、139-153頁