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Japan Digital Library / International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (Korean Peninsula)

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International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (Korean Peninsula) (March 2016)

These articles were translated by JIIA from Japanese into English as part of a research project to promote academic studies on the international circumstances in the Asia-Pacific. JIIA takes full responsibility for the translation of these articles. To obtain permission to use these articles beyond the scope of your personal use and research, please contact JIIA by e-mail ().

 International Circumstances in the Asia-Pacific Series (Korean Peninsula), Japan Digital Library (March 2016), https://www.jiia.or.jp/en/digital_library/korean_peninsula.php

  1. Yukihiro Hotta, "China's Aid to North Korea-Centered on the China-North Korea Oil Pipeline"
    Originally published as 堀田幸裕「中国の対北朝鮮援助―中朝石油パイプラインを中心に」『現代韓国朝鮮研究』第13号、2013年11月、14~26頁

  2. Hideki Okuzono, "South Korean Judiciary Shakes Japan-South Korea Relations"
    Originally published as 奥薗秀樹「「韓国司法が揺るがす日韓関係」『東亜』第559号、2014年1月、96~105頁

  3. Takashi Sakai, "North Korea's Political System"
    Originally published as坂井隆「北朝鮮の政治体制」『海外事情』第13号、2013年2月、46~59頁

  4. Mitsuhiro Mimura, "The Position of North-South Trade in the North Korean Economy"
    Originally published as 三村光弘「北朝鮮経済における南北交易の位置」『現代韓国朝鮮研究』第13号、2013年11月、27~36頁