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  • Mr. Patric Ferrand-Eynard (FRANCE) was Lieutenant Commander, French Ministry of Defense. His research topic was "Japan's Foreign Policy towards to Asia ; French Perspective."

  • Dr. Tuomas Forsberg (FINLAND) was with the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. His research topic was "Japan-Russia Territorial Issues"

  • Dr. Narayanan Ganesan (SINGAPORE) was Senior Lecturer, Political Science, National University of Singapore. His research topic was "Bilateral Tensions in Post-Cold War ASEAN."

  • Ms. Khadijah Md. Khalid (MALAYSIA) was Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. Her research topic was "The Leadership Factor in Malaysia-Japan Relations(Post 1975 Period)."

  • Mr. Pham Quy Long (VIETNAM) was Researcher, The Department of Japan's economy studies, The Center for Japan Studies. His research topic was "The opportunities and challenges of Japan-Vietnam's economic cooperation relations after 10 years of DOIMOI in Vietnam."

  • Dr. Maria Claret M. Mapalad (PHILIPPINES) was Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of the Philippines Diliman. His research topic was "Japanese ODA and Philippine Savings, Growth. and development."

  • Ms. Alely A. Bernardo (PHILIPPINES) was Division Chief, Program Financing (Asia Pacific) Division, National Economic and Development Authority. Her research topic is "Japan's Policy Towards Southeast Asia: Financing Issues and Challenges for Social and Environmental Sustainability."

  • Dr. C. S. Eliot Kang (U.S.A.) was Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Northern Illinois University. His research topic was "U.S.-Japan-Republic of Korea Security Relations."

  • Mr. Ten Vilor (UZBEKISTAN) was with the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies. His research topic was "The Republic of Uzbekistan: Present Challenges"

  • Dr. Alexander I. Rogach (UKRAINE) was Associate Professor, International Economic, Institute of Foreign Relations Kiev University. His research topic was "Japanese Foreign Direct Investments in Southeast Asian Countries."

  • Mr. Baksheev Eugene (RUSSIA) was Expert Press Office for the Russian President. His research topic was "Interrelationship among Press Policy, Government Authorities, and Public Opinion in Russia"

  • Dr. Paridah Abd. Samad (MALAYSIA) was Senior Lecturer, School of Mass Communication, Mara Institute of Technology. His research topic was "Japan's Internal Reform in the Light of the Growing Economic and Political Interests of the European Union and the United States."

  • Dr. Jerzy Kozakiewicz (POLAND) was Professor, Political Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. His research topic was "Establishing a New Political Arrangement after the Collapse of the Soviet Union: The Case of Ukraine."

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