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  • Dr. John H. Swenson-Wright (U.K.) was University Lecturer, East Asia Institute, University of Cambridge. His research topic was "Frustrated Trilateralism? Japan's Relations with South Korea and the United States in the Context of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis."

  • Prof. Alexei Voskressenski (RUSSIA) was Professor & Head, Department of Asian and African Studies, Mgimo-University. His research topic was "The Rise of China and Russian-Chinese Relations in the New Global Politics of Eastern Asia."

  • Prof. Junwei Ma (CHINA) was Professor & Deputy Director, Institute of Japanese Studies, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations(CICIR). His research topic was "Is a Soft Landing Possible on the North Korean Nuclear Issue?"

  • Dr. Rajiv Nayan (INDIA) was Research Officer, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Strategic Technologies and the United States of America, The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses(IDSA). His research topic was "Non-Proliferation Issues in South Asia."

  • Mr. Elhedek Mansour Aboulazzm (EGYPT) was Deputy Head, Foreign News Desk, Al-ahram Newspaper of Egypt . His research topic was "Democratic Reform of the Arab World and Japan's Role."


  • Mr. Sujeet SAMADDAR (INDIA) was Joint Director, Directorate of Naval Plans, Indian Navy. His research topic was "Containing Nuclear Proliferation: Theoretical Underpinnings of a Japan-India Initiative."

  • Dr. TRAN Quang Minh (VIETNAM) was Head, Department of Japanese Economy, Center for Japan Studies. His research topic was "US-Japan Trade Relations and Trade Frictions: An Analysis and Assessment on the Bilateral Negotiating Process."

  • Mr. Lin Xiao Guang (CHINA) was Research Fellow, Central Party History Research Center. His research topic was "China-US Relations in the 21st Century and the Japan Factor: From the Perspective of Strategic Relations and Interests"

  • Mr. LAI Yew Meng (MALAYSIA) was Lecturer, Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge & Language Learning, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His research topic was "Nationalism in Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations."

  • Ms. Elena SHADRINA (RUSSIA) was Associate Professor, World Economy and Foreign Economic Links Department, Khabarovsk State of Academy of Economics and Law. Her research topic was "Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia."

  • Ms. NGUYEN Thi Hai Yen (VIETNAM) was Lecturer and Researcher, Department of International Politics, Northeast Asian Division, Institute for International Relations, MoFA. Her research topic was "Collective Self-Defense for Japan: Prospects and Implications."

  • Mr. Mab YOU (CAMBODIA) was Assistant, Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce. His research topic was "Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia and Trade Related Issues."

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